Matt plays every Wednesday night at The Lancaster Smokehouse in Waterloo from 6-9pm.

 Friday Febuary 24th - TWH Kitchener - 8:30pm (Solo)

Saturday February 25th - Duke of Wellington Waterloo - 10pm (Latta Dinger)

Tuesday February 28th - Morty's Pub Waterloo - 6pm (w/ Cheryl Lescom)

Friday March 3rd - Rhapsody Barrel Bar Kitchener - 9:30pm (Romeo Sex Fighter)

Saturday March 4th - Harbour Fish Bar Collingwood - 7pm (w/ Cheryl Lescom)

Saturday March 11th - Abe Erb Kitchener - 9pm (Solo)

Tuesday March 14th - Morty's Pub Waterloo - 6pm (Solo)

Saturday March 18th - Rhapsody Barrel Bar Kitchener - 9:30pm (Latta Dinger)

Friday March 31st - TWH Kitchener - 8:30pm (solo)